Here's what we know 

First we had the Gap and with it we lost who knows how much of our history. Strange enough it didn't hit everyone the same. Some lost more while others less. Our history, if you can call it that, begins with records of entire planets erupting in riots as memories and records went blank.  What it was like to live through that I couldn't tell you.

Then Triune – an ascended AI comprised of Epoch, Casandalee, and Brigh – gifted the galaxy with faster-than-light travel. This brought the Vesk.

The Veskarium came at us with all they had and so the Pact Worlds alliance was created. When the Swarm came they were willing to set aside their war with us and form a tenuous alliance. That's how bad it was. We've got a truce with the Veskarium now; at least on paper.

Fast forward to the present and we've got a good ship and a crew willing to work her.  Speaking of, they say a ship's AI isn't self-aware, but every good captain I know says theirs has personality.  Never believed it myself until mine started talking about Triune.  Saying all kinds of non-sense.  That Triune speaks to it and other such nonsense. It's the damnedest thing I've ever heard.

Now, there's plenty of space out there and just enough work to keep us paid and food in our bellies. We aim to keep it that way.

Life in the Vast

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